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Online Woodworking Classes...

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Take a web-based program like the ones recommended below...
  • They are shown by the top specialists on the planet who are doing it today.
  • Additionally, to information, these programs give instruments and assets to assist you with carrying out your craft.
  • These online classes are not a magic pill. "You're going to have to work your butt off" for the program to work.
  • At any rate, I share this with you since I urge you to try web-based learning out. Go to online classes, purchase programs, and in particular... use them to succeed!

(The programs are independent of one another)


Program 1.

 Ted "Woody" McGrath is an ensured ace carpenter, instructor, mentor, creator, and individual from Architectural Woodwork Institute, so you can have confidence that his "Ted's Woodworking" is loaded with true guidance that will get you results!



 Click here to order TedsWoodworking from Ted "Woody" McGrath - FLASH Sale   (Paid Link)

TedsWoodworking pros:

The potential outcomes are baffling.

Build a variety of wood crafts & small furniture with 16,000 step-by-step plans.

Receive lifetime monthly plans at no additional cost; edit & modify your plans with DWG & CAD viewer.

Get tips on how to start a woodworking business; get access to over 200 pages of tricks.

Get help from master woodworkers via email; get access to the most complete archive of tutorial videos covering fundamentals & advanced woodworking techniques.

Create easily simple & intricate projects. You can say farewell to obscure carpentry designs once you utilize these outlines.

TedsWoodworking Cons:

Here are some of the issues with this product... with 16,000 woodworking plans you're bound to get some that look a little disorganized but that is understandable as it is very difficult to place all these into their proper categories. Secondly, it might take you a little longer to do the downloads because of their size of them. But the members' area includes an option to upgrade to the DVD so you can save time on downloading.


Do-it-yourself 4/5


Program 2.

 Click here to order Furniture & Wood Craft Plans from Mark Stuart  (Paid Link)

Mark Stuart created his program from his experience as a professional carpenter, educator, and craftsman. He made an interpretation of his insight to assist the vast majority who with adoring carpentry yet normally end up not doing it due to the apprehension about not finishing things the correct way due to deficient data in the manuals.

Furniture & Wood Craft Plans Pros:

It contains all the necessary info which includes drawing out clear diagrams, accurate dimensions and giving detailed explanations of the design of the plans.

My suggestion is to focus on the projects you want to work with first. As it is categorized, all you need to do is to search and/or go to the category you want. Eg: I started with a simple birdhouse so I went to the "outdoor small crafts" section to look for related plans.

You get over 9,000 plans to keep for life; it contains some of the exact plans for designer furniture projects.

Your current skill level doesn't matter; free access to every newly released plan; 200+ pages of step-by-step tips & tricks!

Furniture & Wood Craft Plans Cons:

Here are some of the issues with this product... there are too many plans after downloading and sometimes you can feel overwhelmed. But as you can imagine it is difficult to go over 9,000 plans.


Do-it-yourself 4/5 


Program 3. 

 Crispin Thomas has spent many years acquiring knowledge through practice and learning with some of the best in the world. He is also able to turn even the most amateur in working into a master in the short time possible. Crispin admits that you can have consistent success with your woodworking even without... 

  • Having access to woodworking plans
  • Having all the tools you need
  • Having the skills to assemble amazing joints
  • Having the most spacious workshop in the world
Now while all of the above are important, there is one thing that you need to have under your belt, that would guarantee  your success, no matter how long you have been a woodworker.


The Woodworkers Treasure Chest Pros:

Home Remodeling & Sheds Modules included - Save time and money by avoiding accidentally ruining materials or having to make unnecessary trips to the hardware store or lumber yard.

Instant access to new technology that works on all your devices, plans in .pdf format, and step-by-step blueprints for 30+ different categories searchable by keyword.

Beginner friendly... even if you've never touched a piece of lumber in your life: Crispin Thomas created  Project Wizard - the world's only app to help you finish your projects in half the time. He also included three additional apps (a) the metric to imperial linear converter and calculator, (b) the board foot calculator, (c) the mitered door calculator.

Step-by-step video tutorials are available. 

The Woodworkers Treasure Chest Cons:

I don't find issues with this product.


Do-it-yourself 5/5



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Program 4. 

 Click here to order Woodwork101 from Alan West   (Paid Link)

Alan West is a professional who has been teaching wood crafting to clients for many years. He is a specialist who likes to fix things.

Woodwork101 Pros:

Make unique pieces of furniture that aren't available in any shops…

Perfect high-end furniture for your home, unique home décor items, toys of old & new, happy pets section, nothing goes to waste: every grain of the wood can add up to become something beautiful if you follow the right plan.

1000 hours of step-by-step HD (crystal clear) videos (covering all angles) that will take you by the hand from start to finish, turning even a beginner into a master craftsman starting with the first build.

You also get...

10 new videos each month. 3D & 2D detailed schematics & blueprints.

Parts, tools, and materials lists.

2 video guides on razor-sharp protocol & tool crafting secrets.

One report on the perfect timber.

Woodwork101 Cons:

Here are some of the issues with this product... poor online support.


Do-it-yourself 4/5


Program 5.

 Click here to order WoodProfits from Jim Morgan  (Paid Link)

Jim is a full time home-based woodworking business owner. And has helped thousands of woodworkers earn a living from home doing what they love.

WoodProfits Pros:

This program shows detailed plans for the top 10 woodworking projects that you can easily sell for profit...

(1)Children Toys, (2)Baby Cradles, (3)Chair Side Bookcase, (4)Picture Frames, (5)Small Wooden Boxes, (6)Birdhouses, (7)Blanket Chest, (8)Fruit Bowl, (9)Miniature Mantle Clock, (10)Wooden Spoons and Ladles.

In addition you will also find hundreds of best selling projects with complete plans and instructions to make them.

This is a system that includes a recession-proof guide to help anyone start a profitable home woodworking business.

WoodProfits Cons:

Here are some of the issues with this product... some woodworkers claim it's not possible to make a living with carpentry based only on hand tools and no cash.


Do-it-yourself 4/5


Final words

So now that you've read to this point, there is really only one question...

What are you waiting for?

Click here to order The Woodworkers Treasure from Crispin Thomas and get ready to create beautiful, durable furniture for your home & yard!


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Thank you,

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